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Noxxix is a game in the tradition von Xonix , Qix and Jezzball .
The target of Xonix style games it to capture as much room from the enemy Xonix Creatures. Try to move your good guy over the screen leaving a trail behind you, cutting off squares of the Xonix home. But avoid to hit the Xonix . And avoid that the Xonix hit the trail too, or you loose one live.

download noxxix gameDownload AS-Noxxix

Requirements: Windows and DirectX7 or higher.

Some history about Xonix style games

The very first Xonix style game was founded in 1981 with the game Qix. Two years later came the game Styx . The most famous Xonix style game is Jezzball with brought to us 1992 by Microsoft.
The years went by, and some other Qix style game remakes  come like the addictive 3d game Air Xonix ( AirXonix ) or the nice Lawnmover Xonix game. Some other well made Xonix games are Onefog Xonix , Discovera Xonix and Space Xonix . Not to forget Adult Jezzball , Adult Xonix, Blondes Xonix or Sex Xonix .