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klondike solitaire game with custom cardset

AS-Solitaire is my selfmade solitaire cardgame. Now it has 120 different games. Klondike Solitaire, Freecell, Spider Solitaire and much more.
The advantage of my game is that you can use your own custom cardsets. At this moment there are existing more than 1800 different sets, which you can download at Rekogames for free. On my page you find an cardset editor to make your own sets.

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peg solitaire with standard puzzleAS-Peg is my selfmade Solitaire Board Game. On 190 different Levels you can exercise your brain.
If you find the solution you can get in the highscore for each single level. For playing you can choose between six different ball designs.

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mahjongg solitaire board gameThis is a screenshot of my little Mahjongg game. The goal is to remove all stones by pairing them. You can use a lot of different styles of stones. Five sets are included.


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canfield javascript solitaire with flowers cardset

This is a screenshot of my Javascript Solitaire.
Here you can play 11 different solitaire cardgames online. You can choose between 5 exiting cardsets.

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carddeck editor for custom cardset gamesRekoview is a Cardset Editor for the game AS-Solitaire

You can build cardsets in a fast an easy way. Loading your favorite pictures, cut or size them, and arrange them in the order your like. Push the tool button and you have your own set. You can also scroll automatically through the 1800 existing sets, lean back and have fun.

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xonix, jezzball, qix

Noxxix is a game in the tradition von Xonix , Qix and Jezzball .
The target of Xonix style games it to capture as much room from the enemy Xonix Creatures. Try to move your good guy over the screen leaving a trail behind you, cutting off squares of the Xonix home. But avoid to hit the Xonix . And avoid that the Xonix hit the trail too, or you loose one live.

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well drawn exciting adventure

Here you can find an complete Walkthrough for Becher's Dream from Enteron


Solution Becher's Dream

cardset builder, creator

PySolFC is an open source solitaire game with nearly thousand games. Here your can find cardsets and a cardset creaor for it.


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