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Pysol is an Open Source Solitaire Game Collection written in Python. It is a very well made engine with hundreds of games. But in my eyes the included playing cards are too small for modern resolutions. So i want to present some examples to download for you. I hope other users may follow to bring in more modern cardsets and decks to PysolFC. Information about the copyrights are linked next to the cards. Download information for the game you can find at the bottom of this site.
Chris Aguilar
Queen of Hearts from Chris Aguilar

Chris Aguilar Pysol Cards
(224 * 312) 2.35 MB

Informations and Copyright to SVG playing cards of Chris Aguilar

Queen of Clubs from Atlasnye

Atlasnye Pysol Cards
(360 * 540) 3.76 MB

Informations and Copyright to SVG Atlasnye playing cards of Dmitry Fomin

Queen of diamonds from Charles

Charles (snap2object) Pysol Cards
(154 * 216) 2.14 MB

Informatios and Copyright to theSVG Playing Cards from Charles

Here you can find the game and the download of
Pysol Solitaire .
How to make a deck of cards for Pysol Solitaire

- First of all look out for some cards. In this tutorial we take the set of cards by Byron Knoll on

- Save the cards in the way Pysol can read it later.
Format should be png or gif for transparency.
Every card must be of the same size as the others.
Give them names as the following.
Ace of Spades, Two of Spades, ..., King of Spades
should result in
01s.png, 02s.png, ..., 13s.png
Hearts: 01h.png, 02h.png...;
Diamonds: 01d.png, 02d.png, ...;
Clubs: 01c.png, 02c.png, ..., 12c.png

- Now we need the Cardset Maker for Pysol cardsets.
Download Cardset Maker
Though it is in this moment not the best tool for creating cardsets, we need it to create the necessary config file and to intergrate some background and shadow graphics.

- Start now Cardset Maker. Give Your cardset a name. Insert the size of your cards. Uncheck all boxes for borders, and symbols. Show the tool the path to your cards folder, and to your background card. Now you can create a fake set. Fake because you get symbols on your cards, if you want them or not. Now you have a cardset in your Pysol Path on the computer. Locate it, open the cardset folder, and overwrite the the cards in folder with the original cards. Now you should have a ready made deck for use in PysolFC.

Help needed
You see, my native language is not english. If i can't make myself clear, or i use wrong words or bad grammer, please send me your ideas to make this tutorial better. andsa @