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Pysol is an Open Source Solitaire Game Collection written in Python. It is a very well made engine with hundreds of games. But in my eyes the included playing cards are too small for modern resolutions. So i want to present some examples to download for you. I hope other users may follow to bring in more modern cardsets and decks to PysolFC. Information about the copyrights are linked next to the cards. Download information for the game you can find at the bottom of this site.
Xmas 2020 Cardset
Aces playing cards

Xmas Playing Cards for PysolFC
(174 * 258) 5.3 MB

This time a xmas themed set of playing cards. Images are from

Trumps Long Cut
American Tobacco Collecting Card Trumps Long Cut with clean design modern look with shadows
Download original Download new Download modern

Trumps Long Cut Playing Cards
(168 * 283) ca. 6 MB

The "American Tobacco Co." inserts in the years from 1886 to 1890 their products "Hard a Port" and "Trumps Long Cut" collecting cards. Tthe original here on the left side come from the edtion 1890 "Trumps Long Cut" with brown back cards. The other two sets i gave a more modern look.

Chris Aguilar
Queen of Hearts from Chris Aguilar

Chris Aguilar Pysol Cards
(224 * 312) 2.35 MB

Informations and Copyright to SVG playing cards of Chris Aguilar

Queen of Clubs from Atlasnye

Atlasnye Pysol Cards
(360 * 540) 3.76 MB

Informations and Copyright to SVG Atlasnye playing cards of Dmitry Fomin

Queen of diamonds from Charles

Charles (snap2object) Pysol Cards
(154 * 216) 2.14 MB

Informations and Copyright to theSVG Playing Cards from Charles

Adrian Kennard
Four coloured Kings from Adrian

Adrian Kennart 4 coloured Playing Cards for PysolFC
(210 * 310) 1.71 MB

Informations and Copyright for the Playing cards of Adrian Kennart

Here you can find the game and the download of
Pysol Solitaire .
How to make a deck of cards for Pysol Solitaire

- Download Cardset Maker for Pysol Solitaire cardsets.
Download Cardset Maker
- Look out for some cards.
In this tutorial we take the set of cards by Byron Knoll on
- Save the cards
- Start Cardset Maker
- Click on "Select Images", and choose the folder of your downloaded cards or images.
- Choose With templates - No. If "Yes", then you get a template to make cards with photos.
- Top Left you can give the new Cardset a name.
- Click "Create"
- Sort the cards correctly
- Have Fun with your new deck of cards, and copy it to your PySolFC Cards folder.

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