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In the living room:
Take the cigarettes.
Take the matches.
Take the monumenta of bohemian history.
Take the viola.
Go to the wardrobe, open the bottom drawer, take the hankerchief.
Go to the market place.

Market Place:
Take the money that you can find on the ground.
Talk to the grandma.
Buy an apple.
Go to the bakery.

Take the green drops.
Talk to the man, and buy a glass of honey.
Go to the market place

Market Place:
You can see a little boy, stealing apples.
Catch him, by clicking on the boy.
Talk to him, give im a drops, you will get his catapult.
Go to the colonnades.

In the colonnades:
Go to the post house,
Talk to the postman about advice.
Buy paper and envelope.
Ask about travelling.
Talk to Bartok, he will pay you the ticket.
Talk to the postman again.
Go to the colonnades, go to the marketplace, enter the stage at the right hand side.

In the Coach:
Talk to host, and give him the tobacco.
Talk to the girl and give her the viola, so you will get the catechism.
Talk to the teacher, give him the monumenta, so you will get the newspaper.
Enter Lhota

At Lhota:
Go to the pub. Talk to the barfly.
Give him the paper and the envelope, and so you will get the funnel.
Go to the host, take the alcohol.
Leave the pub, go to the right hand side, until you get to the goat.

The goat:
Give apples to the goat. Take the bucket. Place the bucket undet the goat.
Take the milk from the goat. Go to the farm.

The farm:
Burn down the hay.
Take the noodle.
Talk to the farmer, until he speaks about wesps.
Go to the wesps. Place the honey on the ground. Take the rope.
Talk to the farmer, until you get the sickle.
Go back to Karloy Vary.

Karloy Vary:
Go to the colonnades.
Use the noodle to wake up the cat.
Take the denture set of false teeth from the cat.
Talk to the fat lady until she goes to the bakery.
Take the glasses, and give the glasses to the old man.
You will get a sapphire.
Go to the bakery, talk to the lady again, give her the milk, and you will get water.
Go to Lhota.

Go to the farm. Give the false teeth to the old man. He will talk to you about the forrest.

Go to the tree, with the hole. Search within the hole, until you find the skeleton and the receipe. Go to market place of Lhota.

Try to steal the bug. Give the skeleton to the dog. Steal the bug now.
Knock on the door behind the dog. Talk to the man until you get whetstone.
Combine the whetstone and the sickle in your inventory.
Go back to the forrest.

Cut the herbs on the ground with your sickle.

Save Now!!!

Go back to Karloy Vary
On your Journey you will get attacked by criminals.
You have to play an action game.

Karloy Vary:
Go to the old man in the colonnades.
Talk with him about the herbs.
Go back to Lhota.

You will be attacked again.
If you master the action game,
the noble man will talk to you.
He will invite you to his home.

The castle:
Talk to the coachman. Give him the newspaper. Steal the lantern.
Take the candle from the lantern.
Give the bug of money to the waiter, and he will let you into the castle.

The kitchen:
Take the green Becherovka bottle.
Put the bucket of water into the pot.
Put the herbs and  the alcohol into the pot.
Open the door of the fireplace.
Take the candle and make fire in the fireplace.
Take the spoon above the fireplace.
Use the spoon with the pot.
Use the funnel with the becherovka bottle.
Place the sapphire on the pie.
Leave the castle for a while.
Go back again into the kitchen.
The meal will be served in the living room.
Go to the living room

Living room:
Talk to the comtesse. Talk to the baron.
Use the hankerchief with his glass.
Put becherovka into the glass.
The famous robber Hrumburac will enter the room.
Read in the catechism.
Give every single person a drink, and talk to them.